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Welcome to my site! — an introduction

Hi, I’m Sheikyon! Welcome to, I’m a full-stack developer (software developer) enthusiastic about computing, programming, electronics and free and open-source software. In addition to everything that is even slightly close to computers, I also have a deep interest in mathematics, economics, philosophy, sociology, history, and anime. If you take a closer look at this space, you’ll realize that these are the main topics that are usually addressed very regularly in my articles/posts on my website.

I maintain this website to disclose things that are significant to me and important to common knowledge. In general, my articles tend to be detailed in terms of content and in some cases they can be considerably long — I care about the logic and semantic consistency behind his prose, so I always try to correct any inconsistencies that may lead to misunderstandings or undesirable errors. My articles are usually long and the topic on which they revolve is linked to my personal hobbies, such as those already mentioned above.

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